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The arrangement of the guests at the tables for your wedding

The Seating Table of a wedding, or arranging your guests at the tables in a functional, ordered and elegant manner, is one of the most “nasty” tasks of an event. For this reason, the team of La Sposa degli Alberi will help you to study the optimal solution, making it practical and scenic at the same time.

Seating table

The Seating Table can be organized in different ways, adopting the classic:

Tableau de Mariage or Tableau Plan
Scenographic table completely customizable having the function of showing your guests the table where to sit on and the people with whom it is shared.
Or by using more modern alternatives and dynamic ones such as:
Plan de Table
Booklet or brochure to be delivered individually to each guest, which lists all the names of the reception tables and their assigned people.
Escort card
Cards or even objects with the names of the individual guests and the table to which they belong.
Place card
A placeholder showing to the guest, once at the table, where to sit exactly at the table to which he belongs.

The Seating Table is a fundamental aspect of marriage as they have to be studied carefully with the Wedding Designer in order to have a functional result and, at the same time, to astonish and move your guests.