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January Mood

Winter Inspiration

Setup backstage
Setup backstage
Setup backstage

Hello! Here we are at the first appointment of the Inspiration of the month section.
For those who have not read the introductory article, this is a section dedicated to twelve charming table setup ideas, one for each month.
So I present to you the inspiration of January, the first month of the year. January, characterized by low temperatures (at least here in Italy), might seem unpleasant to the eyes of people sensitive to the cold, but instead hides an indisputable charm for its nostalgic and elegant mood:

  • Nostalgic because it still brings with it all the charm of the Christmas atmosphere and the warmth that can be felt in the rooms and in the houses heated by the burning fireplaces
  • Elegant for the cold colours present in nature during this season: the sharpness of the blue sky on cold and sunny days, their grayness when it snows and the infinite shades from dark blue to purple that colour flowers, berries and leaves.

The Inspirations corner

Italian Wedding Magazine

"Those who love only one season doesn't have much imagination."

Today we inaugurate the column of creative and stylish inspirations dedicated to the seasons.

The idea of this monthly appointment was born from my deep desire to introduce you to the intrinsic beauty in every season: winter, spring, summer or autumn.
We are talking about a section of the magazine dedicated to the story of twelve scenographic installations, one for each month, characterized by twelve sought-after and effective table setup, elaborated in every detail and inserted in charming contexts.

With me in this adventure, my partner Franz Steiner, Flower designer, master in floral art, fellow in taste and ideas.

The Inspirations corner