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March Mood

March: spring

Setup backstage
Setup backstage
Setup backstage

Dear readers, our third appointment of the section Inspiration of the month of March is definitely surreal. I am at home, like most of you, because of the pandemic caused by covid-19 and I am writing to you while my fourteen-months-old son runs here and there in the corridor and rooms of my apartment, searching for every hidden corner.
Outside everything is hanging in silence. We are all off the world, waiting for a Rebirth.

This month's keyword will be: Rebirth. March is the beginning of Spring: nature begins to sprout up, the first buds sprout and the flowers are colored with increasingly decisive hues.
March is a young month because it is characterized by a delicate and growing nature.

Young: because March is the month in which nature blooms and reborns. In which buds peek out on tree branches and in the terrain. Nature relentlessly makes its way through a thousand difficulties that are not yet known as the vulnerability of the seasons. March is young and brings with it all the joy and lightheartedness of those who do not know what awaits them, but also privileges the first milder temperatures and greater sunlight. March is life!

Delicate: because it is fragile like a baby.

As always, I show you the small selection of landscape images which for me represent colors and suggestions of this month. Photos of great inspiration in order to elaborate the reference colour palette of March.

Four pictures of spring landscapes
Reference colour palette

The context chosen to narrate the table setup of March is a splendid veranda: it's elegant, bright and surrounded by greenery. This month's scenography highlights the delicacy and simplicity of a bright and harmonious setting for colors and materials.

The table setup is characterized in particular by glass elements, in order to lighten all the tones and make every detail brighter. The choice of colors deliberately contrasts meadow green with delicate hues such as powder blue, powder pink, light yellow and white.
Note the combination of dishes and the details:

  • the plate made of 100% recycled glass, solid and very linear, combined with a powder blue plate with soft and elegant lines;
  • the napkin is folded between the plates with a pocket effect so as to create a unique element, without invading space and characterizing the chromatic detachment;
  • a tulip next to the knife, used alternatively as a placeholder, aimed at completing the equipment and describing the whole setup in a harmonious sense.

The centerpiece inspired by the month of March is light and graceful.
Along the central axis of the table, vases in transparent processed glass are placed in a precise order. The vases are deliberately all the same in size and decorated with the same type of flowers so as to create chromatic and structural homogeneity. In any case, as in any well-kept setting, the effect of movement is essential: in this case the candles, positioned at various heights and precise distances, create the perspective and dynamic trend that the human eye requires.

Let's satisfy the most curious, as well as for the previous months, illustrating below the species of flowers and plants used for the centerpiece of March.

In previous article we greeted each other waiting for Spring and she is here happy, unaware of everything! Therefore I sincerely hope to have given you some magic with this article, making you think about beautiful things.
Unfortunately today I cannot guarantee continuity for the next appointment in April, I set the date at the end of March to carry out the set-up, but clearly it will not be possible to do it because La Sposa degli Alberi firmly adheres to the decree #iorestoacasa (meaning #istayathome). However I promise you that the inspirations section will start again as soon as possible and will be full of interesting ideas, beautiful images and color cards!

Click here to download in PDF format the third color card of the Inspiration of the month section, the Moodcard of March, signed by La Sposa degli Alberi.