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February Mood

Another Winter Inspiration

Setup backstage
Setup backstage
Setup backstage

Dear readers, here we are at the second appointment of the section Inspiration of the month and this time it's the turn of February.

If January, nostalgic and elegant, brought with it all the winter charm, this month gives us the first clues of the rebirth. February is a transitional month: it's a bridge between winter and spring, this makes it mutable and bizarre.
Mutable, because if on the one hand it fully preserves all the characteristics of winter, on the other it reveals the first sensations of spring. In fact, you will notice that the first luxuriant life forms stand out among the frozen and faded vegetation. The feeling that reigns in this particular moment of the year is that of a flowering that makes its way, with all its strength, to be reborn from an apparently static and cold context.
Bizarre, because is a little capricious for its contrasting hues. The white of the snow, the brown of the earth wet by the rains, the rusty color of the dry foliage, the bright green of the first buds. February gives us a cheerful harmony of warm and cold colors that make lively and fun the surrounding environment.

As in January, I show you a small selection of landscape images representing colors and suggestions of this month. Photos that also in this case have been of great inspiration for me to elaborate the color palette of reference.

Four photos of winter landscapes
Colour palette

After introducing the month of February from the point of view of emotional sensations, we get to the heart of the set up.
The scenography, chosen to best describe the table setting of February, is a small greenhouse in antiqued iron, in industrial style, minimal and symmetrical, perfectly in contrast with the floral arrangement inside the structure, deliberately dynamic and chaotic.

The table setting is characterized by neutral tones, so as to bring out the strong shades of rust and green of the centerpiece and candles. Plates, glasses and cutlery are of high manufacture and characterize the table for their decorative details: geometric inlays and provençal ornaments.
Table and chairs respect the industrial style in colors and materials pairing perfectly with the structure.

Il centrotavola in questa installazione è decisamente l’elemento determinante per la definizione del carattere del mese. Pertanto dedicherei particolare attenzione a questa progettazione: innovativa ed estrosa. Il composit si presenta come una linea continua, centrale al tavolo. Un runner vegetativo, composto da molteplici specie vegetali ormai sfiorite, in contrasto con il bianco candido dei fiori appena sbocciati. Nell’insieme è un centrotavola fresco, vivace, persino allegro, nonostante i colori bruciati della terra.
Il nostro desiderio: esprimervi la forza e la prepotenza della natura che rifiorisce da terreni o situazioni inestricabili


Also for this month I'd like to satisfy the most curious of you illustrating below the species of flowers and plants used for the centerpiece.

In this second appointment of the Inspiration of the month, I am sure I have given you a precious starting point for reflection and inspiration for the decorative choice of your special events. Many of you will now fall in love with this bizarre month.
Don't miss the next appointment with the beginning of spring: March!

Click here to download in PDF format the second color card of the Inspiration of the month section, the Moodcard of February, signed by La Sposa degli Alberi.