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The Inspirations corner

Italian Wedding Magazine

"Those who love only one season doesn't have much imagination."

Today we inaugurate the column of creative and stylish inspirations dedicated to the seasons.

The idea of this monthly appointment was born from my deep desire to introduce you to the intrinsic beauty in every season: winter, spring, summer or autumn.
We are talking about a section of the magazine dedicated to the story of twelve scenographic installations, one for each month, characterized by twelve sought-after and effective table setup, elaborated in every detail and inserted in charming contexts.

With me in this adventure, my partner Franz Steiner, Flower designer, master in floral art, fellow in taste and ideas.

The Inspirations corner

Philosophy | method | targets

Each set-up is the result of a targeted study of the colors and the environmental suggestions present in nature during the entire calendar year.
To achieve the desired results, my path includes a series of essential steps:

  • The photographic research of natural landscapes and environments related to the project
  • The study of furniture and design combinations for the right rendering of the elements of the table setup
  • An accurate analysis of color in all its nuances and combinations
  • The direct discussion with Franz about the decorative characteristics of the centerpiece
  • The search for suppliers and a location suitable for the set-up needs

Collection of samples

This section, in addition to being a reason for experimentation and continuous personal growth, however has two targets which are fundamental for me:

  • Guide you in choosing your most congenial aesthetic expression, showing you how to set up colors and suggestions to the best, recalling the perfect atmosphere according to the seasons
  • Show you how many suggestions exist over the twelve months, able to enhance colors and atmospheres, making your events unforgettable:
    • Marriage
    • Elopement
    • Proposal
    • Anniversary
    • Private dinner or party

Each month hides a secret, a soul and an emotion. Now you just have to find out the month you feel most inspired from. To help you manage a color archive of each month, you'll be able to download the original PDF of the color card created by La Sposa degli Alberi, Italian Wedding Designer.
Keep in touch! Next week will start the journey with the January Inspirations!