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Ceremony and Reception: Parco dei Cimini, Soriano nel Cimino, VT

giorgia daniele-00
giorgia daniele-01
giorgia daniele-02
giorgia daniele-03
giorgia daniele-04w
giorgia daniele-05b
giorgia daniele-06w
giorgia daniele-07b
giorgia daniele-08
giorgia daniele-09b
giorgia daniele-10w
giorgia daniele-11w
giorgia daniele-12
giorgia daniele-13w
giorgia daniele-14
giorgia daniele-15b
giorgia daniele-16w
giorgia daniele-17w
giorgia daniele-18
giorgia daniele-19
giorgia daniele-20
giorgia daniele-21w
giorgia daniele-22b
giorgia daniele-23w
giorgia daniele-24
giorgia daniele-25
giorgia daniele-26b
giorgia daniele-27w
giorgia daniele-28w
giorgia daniele-29
giorgia daniele-30w
giorgia daniele-31b
giorgia daniele-32w
giorgia daniele-33b

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