Destination Wedding in Italy, the Designer and Planner service

In most cases, foreign spouses who choose to plan a Destination Wedding in Italy, do not only need solely a Wedding Designer, but also a Wedding Planner. The role in question is fundamental for bureaucratic issues, to have a broad and complete overview of the best suppliers to hire and to relate to those chosen who are not involved with the aesthetics of the wedding. On my behalf, I deal exclusively with the aspects relating to the design of the event.

It is for this reason that I work together with a trusted Wedding Planner, in order to offer an all-inclusive Destination Wedding service that does not make the future spouses miss anything. As a Designer I will take care of the design and implementation of the location setup with flowers and lights, as well as other services such as the wedding stationery, the mise en place and the seating table and the wedding favors. The rest will be entrusted to an expert of the field.

Destination Wedding Italy

Destination Wedding in Italy, the partnership between Designer and Planner

The partnership between Wedding Designer and Wedding Planner for a Destination Wedding in Italy is crucial for everything to go smoothly. In fact, it is not easy for future spouses who want a setup with attention to detail to have control of every aspect relating to the preparations for the event from long distance.

With our all-inclusive Destination Wedding service in Italy, couples will not have to worry about anything, given the absolute guarantee in terms of the utmost final result. In fact, we work with the best suppliers in the sector, who are ready to satisfy any desire of the future spouses. Both as regards the ceremony and the reception, and in addition obviously to the several days of stay in the different regions of the Bel Paese.

The packages we offer for the Destination Wedding in Italy are personalized and adaptable to every need. The future spouses just have to trust us, we will take care of planning a dream event to the detail

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    Destination Wedding in Italy, the best locations

    You don’t know where, among the wonderful Italian venues, celebrate your Destination Wedding in Italy? It is also for this reason that addressing to a Wedding Planner and an expert Wedding Designer can be fundamental. In fact, who better than us in the sector can help in making a selection from the many available?

    Some couples do have immediately a clear idea and tell us that they want to organize a Destination Wedding in Lazio, Tuscany, Puglia or Sicily, but there are also others who do have not yet managed to choose. Our advice is therefore invaluable both for narrowing down the area and for finding the right venues ready to host the bride and groom and their guests.

    Having both a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Designer at your side is important to analyze the pros and cons of the different locations both in terms of logistical aspects and those that concern the aesthetics of the wedding.

    Destination Wedding in Italy: packages, what it is included

    The packages that we can create for couples who intend to organize a Destination Wedding in Italy include various services

    Wedding Designer

    • Wedding stationery
    • Scenographic setting
    • Flower design
    • Lights designs
    • Mise en place and seating table
    • Wedding favors and gift ideas

    Wedding Planner

    • Assistance for legal and religious practices in the event of an on-site ceremony
    • Translation services
    • Venue and vendors’ selection, even with inspections and tastings in the absence of the spouses
    • Coordination and supervision of suppliers during planning and during the event
    • Post-marriage assistance

    In the event that couples have special needs, our Destination Wedding packages in Italy can be further enriched to be completely all-inclusive.

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