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Designing a Wedding

Designing a wedding means to me two fundamental things:

  • Possess a great capacity for listening and involvement
  • Possess a proven design methodology

Talking is a necessity, listening is an art
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As an incurable romantic, dreamer and creative person, I love getting lost in tales of my couples and clients. They represent the starting point of any of my projects and there is no detail that may seem irrelevant, because every little personal or couple aspect that will emerge in their story can be a starting point for the project style that we will develop together.

During the moment of the story I am very silent but concentrated: I need to immerse myself without distractions in everything that my ears will listen to and my eyes will catch while the emotions of the couple will rise together with the story.

I listen, I am getting into it, I elaborate, I share.

Despite my highly creative and dreamy streak, my methodological approach is design-oriented. On the other hand, technically knowing how to design means knowing how to solve problems, so working with a design method means for me to put in order, distinguish, circumscribe, classify and logically organize all the information I acquire, using the my experience and creativity as a set designer to get the best possible result for my clients, also optimizing time and energy.

It is true that creativity does not want limits, but it is equally true that a creative idea needs a method to be realized.

Palette and Pantone colors
Opened Coated and Uncoated Pantone palettes
Pantone and sketches

Design method

My design method is a true experience and consists of the following steps, which we will go over together during our first meeting:

  • Consultation with the bride and groom
  • Creation and development of a moodboard
  • Design the final project
  • Realization of the scenographic setting

Are you in need of a Wedding Designer?

I AM NOT the person for you if:

  • you are a bride looking for inspiration but you plan to do everything by yourself
  • you are looking exclusively for a wedding planner
  • you are looking for a figure who will direct all the moments of the wedding
  • your priorities do not include wedding setup or you have allocated little budget to it
  • you have no desire to experience something different based mainly on creativity

I AM the person for you if:

  • among the top three organizational and budget items for your wedding is the word set-up
  • you do not want a wedding planner but uniquely need help in developing and creating your design and set-up idea
  • you are a creative person but you haven't the necessary time and means to devote to developing your wedding design
  • you are a pragmatic person with little creativity but have always been a lover of beauty and want a unique and unforgettable design idea for your wedding
  • you are an incurable romantic and dreamer and have long collected many ideas for your wedding setup, but can't seem to put them in order and find the right style for you
  • you long for a unique experience: a path that will bring you closer to beauty and help you experience and remember the preparation stage as one of the most beautiful moments of the wedding

Check out an example of Wedding Design


A design created by La Sposa degli Alberi includes every creative and aesthetic aspect that determines the structural and emotional characterization of the event.

  • Design and stylistic consultation: creation of the Wedding Moodboard

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  • Design, creation and printing of the Wedding Stationery

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  • Your love story told through color

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  • Planning and realization of the Floral Design

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  • Choice of the Table Setting and organization of the Seating Table

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  • Design and installation of a lighting system

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  • Gift ideas and favors handmade in Italy

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  • Coordination of suppliers and realization of the final scenographic setting

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