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Invitation: Season 2017

Dear Brides and Grooms, finally is on-line the Gallery of all the invitations of last Season!

Every invitation is a unique creation for a single couple: in my workshop everything is customized and could never be two identical invitation, because all lf You people are different as person and as a couple!
So, let You inspire by sizes, styles, papers... and then call me in order to design Your own invitation!

aldea ale 1
aldea ale 2
aldea ale 3
aldea ale 4
ale matteo 0
ale matteo 1
ale matteo 2
alice simone 1
alice simone 2
anto paolo
barb edo 1
barb edo 2
chiara jonas 1
chiara jonas 2
chiara jonas 3
cla fede
cla roby
daria juri 1
daria juri 2
emi arm 1
fra andrea
giorgia alice 1
giorgia alice 2
graziella daniele 1
graziella daniele 2
ilaria daniele 1
ilaria daniele 2
ilaria daniele 3
jess luca 1
jess luca 2
katia alessio
lavinia bruno
marianna valerio
martina ale 1
martina ale 2
mi ga 1
mi ga 2
michela fabio
nicole gio
rob adal 1
sara matteo
simo alvaro