Wedding setup

Wedding Setup

For us of La Sposa degli Alberi's team, making wedding arrangements means telling, involving and moving. To achieve these goals we work on three focal points.

Structural armocromy

Wedding Setup

Structural armocromy is nothing more than the ability to contextualize. And contextualizing means harmonizing color and style choices within an architectural structure or natural environment, without altering the authenticity of the surrounding space. In view of this peculiarity of ours, we are used to always carry out an inspection at the locations where the wedding celebration and reception will be held, so that we can personally understand and analyze the structural features, spaces, colors, furniture and pre-existing lighting.

Choice of decorations

Wedding Setup Wedding decorations

For wedding decorations we mean all those ornamental elements that characterize the environment for style and character such as: furnishings, floral decorations, table setup and all those small accessory details that from functional become memories for brides, grooms or guests. Nothing should be overlooked: every element has to be in the exact location and express the right value.

In gathering useful information for the presentation of a wedding set-up project, we usually meet the catering or banqueting managers to understand what are the pieces of the furniture and table set up they make available to the customer. This allows us to support and advise our clients in the best choice of everything needed to characterize the event from an aesthetic point of view. Understanding what is not included or not suitable for the set-up project will help us guide the couple in integrating the supplies needed to enhance the scenographic context.

Emotional impact

Wedding Setup - Wedding table setup

Exciting for us means making a dream reality. Telling the essence of two souls with delicacy and taste without ever exceeding. Involving through harmonies of color, refinement of materials, lighting effects and sensorial details.
In order to create the right emotional impact it is necessary to develop empathy with the marrying couple, making them participants and protagonists in all the design phases, guaranteeing them an authentic and exclusive wedding.

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