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Talking is a necessity, listening is an art
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A Wedding Designer deals with the design of the wedding and, therefore, with every aesthetic element that distinguishes it. It is for this reason that my work is divided into two phases: design and set-up.
The first phase directly involves the bride and groom-to-be with a constant dialogue useful for the creation of the moodboard, my most valuable tool. During the second phase, on the other hand, I liaise with the wedding planner and the different vendors chosen to create the wedding setting.

The moodboard design phase is crucial for a Wedding Designer. In fact, the entire design comes first in the head and then it turns into reality. Designing a wedding in the best possible way for me means two fundamental things:

  • Possess a great capacity for listening and involvement
  • Possess a proven design methodology

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Wedding Designer, what services for wedding aesthetics

A Wedding Designer therefore takes care of the aesthetic elements of the wedding, but I guess you are wondering what they are. The list is long! The setting up of the location is only the most obvious one. Added to this are the creation of the wedding stationery, the definition of the mise en place and the seating table, the planning of the floral design and the light design, but also the packaging of gift ideas and wedding favors.
The service I offer is hand-made. The composition is to be defined based on the requests of the future spouses. In fact, each couple has their own needs and may need a specific component useful for determining both aesthetic and practical functionality for the day of the event.

The Wedding Designer’s method

It is true that creativity has no limits, but it is equally true that a creative idea needs a method to come to fruition. My method is a real experience that the future spouses and the Wedding Designer live together, from the first meeting, until the wedding day. It is a path that brings you closer to beauty and allows them to make the preparation phase unforgettable. The couple is always the protagonist, but they have a team of professionals at their side ready to help them. My method is divided into four phases:

  • Briefing with the couple

    Briefing with the couple

    As an incurable romantic, dreamer and creative, I love losing myself in couples' stories. They are the starting point of any of my style projects and there is no detail that may appear irrelevant. It is for this reason that the first meetings, in person or via video call, are fundamental. In this phase I am very silent and focused: I need to immerse myself in the emotions that the future spouses have experienced during their history and are about to experience during the wedding.
    I listen, I get passionate, I process, I share. All with the aim of creating.

  • Creation of the mood board or style table

    Creation of the mood board or style table

    Working with a design method means putting in order, distinguishing, limiting, classifying and logically organizing all the information I acquire in the briefing phase, using my experience and creativity to understand how to achieve the best possible result for the spouses. My most valuable tool, in this regard, is the moodboard. It allows you to visually describe each component of the event (from the wedding stationery to the venue set-up) through a collection of inspirational images, color matching and color tests, sketches and sample materials. It is complete and exhaustive, as it is created in collaboration with the couple and the chosen suppliers.

  • Design operation

    Design operation

    After defining the wedding design project, I get to work researching and choosing the best supplies for the implementation. In fact, an idea cannot become reality without the different elements that make up the final result. The experience of the professionals in the industry I rely on, in this sense, is a real guarantee for the bride and groom, who in the case of DIY instead often rely exclusively on reviews or word of mouth to make evaluations.

  • Final set-up

    Final set-up

    The final set-up is the most evident and concrete part of my work, so many might think it is also the most important. That's true, on the one hand. It is equally true, on the other hand, that a good result cannot be achieved without a plan. In this phase, in any case, the spouses will not have to worry about anything. Together with the wedding planner, I will coordinate the suppliers in the different operations, so that the couple realises to have everything they have always dreamed of in front of them and all they have to do is enjoy the moment.

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