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Dream a little dream of me

I've always been a creative and romantic dreamer, as well as an admirer of beauty and details.

Since I was a child I enjoyed creating every single scenic setting for my Barbies and I was delighted while building all kinds of constructions with Lego bricks that Dad gave me.

Fantasy is definitely the main ingredient that today makes me a Wedding & Event Designer with a particular style. My peculiarity is to confer "character" to the event, making it different and unrepeatable, because it is designed and completely custom made, in perfect hand-made in Italy style.

Wedding Designer: MARY TRICARICO

As well as having an artistic vein in my blood, my luck was to grow up in two amazing cities of art. I was born in a unique place in the world: Venice. A magical and romantic city which had accompanied me throughout my childhood, filling my eyes with all kinds of suggestions. Rome was and is my second home, as well as my school. The Eternal City, rich in history, architecture and expressions of art from all over the world.

After classical studies, I embarked on an artistic path with a specialization in Scenography and History of Middle Age Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. After completing my academic studies, I started my working life in theater and movies. Determination, good preparation and even a bit of luck allowed me to become part of several important productions.

So I started a very educational career path, an intense, exciting period, but above all it had a great emotional impact on me. My specialization in graphics and furnishing made me the protagonist of Italian and American productions. In both cases I learned to relate in a team, to think beyond the schemes, to solve problems in an extemporaneous way.

The experience and awareness gained in this working environment led me to challenge myself, believing in a dream that grew slowly over time and strengthened after my marriage with Francesco Galdieri: "Founding an art laboratory, where design and create art events, supported by a close-knit team of sector professionals, sensitive and motivated”. Determined to turn the page, in 2012 it was officially born La Sposa degli Alberi Wedding & Event Design.

My favourite things

Le cose che mi piacciono


La Sposa degli Alberi: the Logo

“No one can add anything to a tree. Thus a true work of art.”

Suggestions that guide the imagination and creativity of La Sposa degli Alberi are the result of the constant stimuli deriving from the wonderful world of nature.

We chose a Tree transfiguring into a Bride as our logo for its Elegance, its Balance, its Eclecticity. A perfect combination of Nature and Art.

The Beauty of a Tree is the same represented by a Bride who, with Grace and Naturalness, embraces a Dream.

La Sposa degli Alberi logo