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La Sposa degli Alberi

About me

My name is Mary Tricarico, I was born in Venice in 1981 and I live in Rome since 1994.

Curious, imaginative, creative and an eternal dreamer, in 2005 I graduated in Scenic Design for the theatre and cinema industry.

In 2011 I got married and travelled to Polynesia, a land where there are no boundaries between man and nature. In these settings I realized that it was time to pursue my long lasting dream: to create an artistic workshop of my own, La Sposa degli Alberi.

This name originates from my great passion for trees, for their elegance and their innermost essence. Just as tree trunks release lymph, vital for life, that rises towards the branches, ideas that emerge from the mind free themselves and find expression in the actions and the products of the hands.

chi sono

The workshop is a small magical realm far from the city bustle and from everyday life.
Like a soap bubble, here, everything floats above time. It’s a dream corner, full of all kinds of materials: ribbons, paper, colours, materials, books...

The atmosphere is constantly coloured by melodious notes, by the suffused lights of lamps and candles and by their fragrance... and it is never too late for a cup of tea or coffee and some pastries!

To know and interpret the passions and preferences of who is about to celebrate a special event, materializing it both in form and substance.
All this is made possible by an efficient educational training, constant updates, creativity and experience.

Sketches, demo-drawings, photo images and video presentations are the basis of each project and aim at considering every detail and allowing a regular update with the customer.

come lavoro