My own values

I am Mary Tricarico, always a romantic dreamer, madly in love with nature and all its suggestions.

When I am in contact with nature, everyday stress and tensions vanish, the natural world stimulates me and satisfies all the senses and induces me to relax, to see things in a different perspective and to feel in harmony with the environment that surrounds me.
This is usually the context where I materialize the ideas for my clients.

In addition to my passion for nature, I love everything that is beautiful and special, in fact I am a great supporter of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Made in Italy craftsmanship means for me: precious materials, attention to detail, unique workmanship, refinement and good taste.

In two words: quality and beauty. But also exciting stories.

What I love about the handmade product is the chance it has to express a story: the story of a territory, a tradition, a love, like that of my couples, all embellished with uniqueness. Because the experience of each of us is unique and such must be the project that tells it.

Mary Tricarico: le mie passioni

Professional career

I grew up in two unique cities in the world: Venice and Rome. Venice is where I was born, a magical and romantic city that accompanied me throughout my childhood, filling my eyes and soul with all kinds of cultural expressions. Rome was my school and it is my current home.

After classical training, I graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. During my studies, I immediately dedicated myself to Theater and then I took my first steps in the world of Cinema. Both sectors, theater and cinema, were the basis of my training, teaching me to relate as a team, to think beyond the box, to solve problems in an impromptu way.
Strengthened by these experiences and skills acquired in the field, in 2012 I wanted to challenge myself, believing in a bigger dream: to found an art workshop, where to design and create scenographies for weddings and emotional shootings, supported by a close-knit team of sensitive and motivated professionals.

Today I can be proud of having indulged my instincts, because I carry out two wonderful professions, the Wedding Designer and the shooting stylist, which allows me to continuously give free rein to creativity and to realize new dreams and visions every year: yours!

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La Sposa degli Alberi: the logo

When I founded my business, I didn't want to settle to call it with my first and last name. I needed to express myself in a dreamlike and evocative way, expressing what I care about most: my passion for the natural world from which I draw energy and inspiration every day.

For me the tree is the absolute symbol of life and its continuous regeneration.
Elegant, balanced, eclectic.
A perfect combination of Nature and Art: La Sposa degli Alberi (meaning The Bride of the Trees).

Sometimes I long so much to do landscape, just as one would for a long walk to refresh oneself, and in all of nature, in trees for instance, I see expression and a soul, as it were.
Vincent van Gogh

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