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I am Mary Tricarico, aka La Sposa degli Alberi (meaning The Bride of the Trees), I am a Wedding Designer working throughout Italy. My job is to help the bride and groom-to-be in the design and realization of every aesthetic component of the wedding, from the wedding stationery to the scenic setup.

I am brilliant and imaginative, an inexhaustible source of ideas for creative, original and sophisticated weddings that will always excite couples and their loved ones in new ways.
The trademark of my arrangements is in my ability to differentiate myself from others by my naturalness and craftsmanship.

The creations signed by La Sposa degli Alberi are the manifestation of the feelings and emotions felt by the protagonists of the event during the design phase: in fact, they express the true essence of the bride and groom, thanks to the cognitive path and an exclusive and personalized design method.

The path to Yes is a unique experience, ensuring the couple a signature wedding, tailor-made and with character. Brides and grooms arriving from abroad will not have to worry about anything: Destination Wedding service in Italy is all inclusive. In fact, I collaborate with suppliers capable of handling all bureaucratic paperwork in preparation for the event and logistics so that the stay in Italy of the protagonists and their guests is free of unforeseen events.

Wedding Services

A good wedding design project is structured in a series of very specific services, each one useful for determining both aesthetic and practical functionality.

Let's find out, point by point, what are the wedding services that characterize a project signed by La Sposa degli Alberi.


Wedding Services: moodboard

A moodboard is the presentation of visual inspirations that will allow you to understand exactly what your wedding will look like in terms of style, colors and materials.

In order to create the moodboard on the basis of the information gathered during the meetings with the couple, the team of La Sposa degli Alberi study creative solutions in line with the style and character expressed by the couple. Ideas are developed in terms of:

  • Images collection
  • Drawings
  • Sketches and color tests
  • Sample materials

Wedding Stationery

Wedding Services: Wedding Stationery

When we talk about Wedding Stationery we mean all the paper elements that characterize a Wedding. The paper details designed for a Wedding Stationery are essential to "communicate" with the guests and are made up of:

  • Save the Date
  • Wedding invitations
  • Ceremony booklets
  • Seating plan
  • Menu
  • Favours Tags
  • Thank you Tags

For us, studying the right wedding stationery means maximizing the harmonic effect of the entire design project studied in your moodboard. This is why we personally take care of its design and its implementation taking care of every aspect:

  • Paper
  • Layout
  • Packaging

In order to best satisfy any type of request, La Sposa degli Alberi works in collaboration of:

  • Typographers
  • Calligraphists
  • Illustrators

and a wide selection of refined and precious made in Italy papers.
For the packaging, in addition to the classic proposal, we we are continuously looking for innovative and original solutions.

Setting Table and Seating Table

Wedding Services: Setting Table and Seating Table

The Art of table setting constitutes that subtle balance between style, good taste and practicality and is our flagship.

The Setting table and the Seating table of a wedding have two distinct and fundamental functions:

  • Practice Allow guests to consume the courses in comfortable and pleasant way.
  • Aesthetic Create an impactful scenography, making a suggestive and characterful atmosphere.

Our role in this area is to:

  • Carefully supervising the supplies made available by the venue, the catering or the banqueting
  • Suggesting the best aesthetic combinations, identifying the most congenial solutions based on the style that best represents your moodboard
  • Proposing alternative rental supplies, if necessary for an outfitting yield more in line with the design project
  • Studying the arrangement of your guests' tables in the most functional, orderly and elegant way so as to make it usable and scenographic at the same time

Light design

Wedding Services: Light Design

The team of La Sposa degli Alberi has expert collaborators in the lighting sector, able to develop the best light design for weddings and set up lighting solutions suitable for every need.

In a wedding day, natural, mixed or artificial lights must be able to illuminate, but at the same time create suggestions. During the inspection will be clear the need or not for a suitable and contextual lighting intervention, able to emphasize not only the surrounding environment, but also the mood designed for the event.

Flower Design

Wedding Services: Flower Design

The Flower Design is the basis of a wedding scenography, for this reason all our creations are consequential to the preparatory study determined in the moodboard.

Our Flower Designer is a sensitive professional, able to set up every environment by interpreting it according to the varieties, colors and seasons expressed in nature.
With his spontaneous and elegant style, he knows how to take care of the realization of all the floral decorations for your wedding:

  • Church setup
  • Symbolic rite setup
  • Centerpiece
  • Civil rite setup
  • Bouquet, boutonniere, corsage
  • Wedding cake setup

Wedding Favors

Wedding Services: Wedding Favors

La Sposa degli Alberi offers gift ideas and favors for your wedding, which embrace the philosophy of made in Italy, making use of the collaboration of artisans specialized in the creation of exclusive artifacts and in the production of eco-bio favors.

We also take care of the packaging of wedding favors by studying sophisticated and stylish solutions, making perfect every detail of your wedding.

Coordination and Setting up

Wedding Services: Coordination and Setting up

For the team of La Sposa degli Alberi designing a dream means making it tangible, which is why our ultimate goal is to create a successful scenographic wedding in perfect line with the project.

During the wedding day the team takes care personally of every aesthetic and decorative detail, making sure that everything is perfectly in place to achieve the best emotional impact.

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