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Creative wedding ideas

Mary Tricarico, wedding designer, founder of La Sposa degli Alberi (meaning The Bride of the Trees), together with her team of attentive and passionate professionals, is the support and reference figure in design and creation of scenographic setup of weddings.

Mary, brilliant and imaginative mind, is an inexhaustible source of ideas for a creative, original and refined wedding. She is able to impress in an ever new way, differentiating herself and her work by awesomeness, naturalness, intimacy and refinement.

The setups designed by La Sposa degli Alberi are the expression of sentiments: they express the essence of the couples, thanks to a path of knowledge and a design method exclusive and personalized based primarily on the study of the structural armocromy. A unique experience that ensures the couple a signature wedding, tailor-made and with its own character.

We at La Sposa degli Alberi do not create works characterized by opulence and excess, but on the contrary we focus on the quality and beauty expressed in creations handmade in Italy.

Only drawing your dreams you can touch them

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  • You made everything simple

    I am writing to you now, the day after the wedding, in an emotional flurry that I do not know when it will go away. I will probably need a few weeks to process every moment. I begin by telling you that I could not have wished for a more beautiful day than the one we experienced yesterday. Thank you for taking care of every single detail, for instilling that magic and simplicity that we wanted to be an integral part of our day. We immediately understood that you would be perfect, that you would understand us, that you would leave us space when we requested it, that you would come to our aid in times of need. The six-month journey with you was very intense from the first day, we savored every moment of it despite the logistical difficulties, pisses ando so on. You made everything simple, you always found a solution with a smile and this gave us great serenity. I never felt lost, not even when at 4pm yesterday they said to me “but where are the flowers? But isn't it late for the bouquet? We have to take the pictures”. And I said, rest assured that Mary is coming, she has everything under control. And it was true. I have never questioned it.
    Thank you for your incredible professionalism, for your touch of continuous humanity, for the enthusiasm shown to every crazy idea, in front of the correction of the green sage, forest, basil with yet another RALL or Pantone that only you and Marzio can understand.
    We could not have found a better soul than you to help us tell ourselves on the most beautiful day. Thanks for everything Mary.

    A + M, 31 July 2021

  • I will never stop saying thank her very much

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mary through my WP at other events and I immediately fell in love with her work and her unmistakable style. So when it came time to choose the setting for my wedding, I had no doubts. Mary was able to realize my crazy idea of ​​a fantasy wedding. But beyond her indisputable and undeniable skill, in this very difficult period for the world of events, I was able to discover the woman behind the artist and I found a friend of hers. Between stand-by, postponements, cancellations due to the pandemic, Mary was a point of reference for me. In a very complex moment that no one could foresee, she came to accommodate me in every possible way, managing to give me a fantastic day despite the obvious difficulties. And for all this I will never stop saying thank her, thank her very much for being able to bring to life my fantasies and transporting me for a night in my favorite crazy world.

    S + L, 30 August 2020

  • Perfect harmony

    With Mary the harmony was immediate!
    We strongly sought and wanted to draw every detail of our marriage, from the invitations to the mass booklets, from the tableau to the menu and every creation showed to be perfect and in harmony with us. Mary knows how to give shape to the feelings and the atmosphere we wanted for our wedding day and her mission was more than accomplished!

    I + M, 6 July 2019

  • Once Upon a Time

    If you want to create a unique and perfect marriage then you have to rely on Mary.
    A professional and helpful person, able to understand and realize your dreams, thoughts and desires!
    We entrusted ourselves to her for the design of the whole wedding and it was a huge success!
    All the guests were amazed and complimented us more and more!
    Don't miss her!

    S + F, 6 July 2019

  • Unforgettable wedding

    To fully understand the fundamental role of Mary in our marriage it is appropriate to make a premise about our couple, event organizer myself, my husband's copywriter. Basically two creative, hyperactive people who love to jump into a thousand different projects. When friends asked us how we imagined our marriage, we had a thousand ideas in mind, little clarity on how to achieve them but a single certainty: we wanted it to be unique, to tell about us, to be able to make all our guests understand the path that led us to the big step [...]

    V + R, 30 June 2018

  • The best ever!

    We fell in love with Mary right away, a real love at first sight.
    We were looking for something different, we looked at her site and we came across her works, literally ecstatic about her talent. She is a great professional but above all she loves her job so much: this is her secret ingredient that allows her to make unique every creation.
    As soon as we met, Mary was able to immediately understand what we wanted. [...]

    F + D, 30 June 2018

  • One of the best memories we will take with us

    A special person, a professional like few, a sweet girl who manages to bring out what you have inside. She loves perfection, elegance and puts love in every idea. She helped us in everything, she was a support in managing every situation, able to understand what we wanted even before it was explained to her. She succeeded in making the day of our "yes" magical, unique and special. [...]

    F + V, 22 June 2018

  • Magic made reality

    We could tell you about Mary that is much more than an assembler. Much more than an artist, much more than a designer, much more than a graphic. We could tell you, but still it wouldn't be enough to tell you about her. Mary must be lived, must be known and must be looked into the eyes to understand that at the first intersection of looks she is already building your wedding, she is already projected into that day and is already making it more unique, special and electrifying than you could ever imagine. [...]

    G + E, 21 June 2018

  • Look no further, perfection exists!

    Don't look anywhere else, perfection does exist, and we found it with Mary! The whole experience with her was simply amazing. She immediately understood our needs and the style of what we wanted, even before we could tell her! We live abroad, and organized our wedding in Rome from far away, but everything with her was so effortless, and the communication smooth and simple. We felt like we could trust her completely from the beginning. [...]

    L + S, 30 April 2018

  • Simply perfect!

    Wonderful is an understatement.
    I would say superlative.
    Mary's work was impeccable from the beginning: she investigated to better understand our tastes as a couple, in order to be able to create something that fully reflects us, but above all something unique.
    And it is precisely here that I would dwell. Whoever relies on La Sposa degli Alberi has the certainty that the realization of the agreed theme is created ad hoc and exclusively. [...]

    S + F, 24 April 2018

  • A perfect gear

    When I contacted Mary, I wanted invitations to represent us. I shared with her what I had in mind and she was able to translate it into a marvel.
    Mary followed the artistic aspect of the wedding: theme, invitations, table setting, stationery, candy bar, tableau and favors and she made sure that the organization was fun and exciting, despite the very short notice with which we involved her.
    Punctual, trustworthy, reliable. I found constant support in her, a great professional, but above all a friend.

    S + L, 3 March 2018

  • Simply unique

    I think even 1000 characters would always be few to thank Mary, her husband and all her staff. It was "love at first sight" from the first moment when we saw one of her productions at a villa. It is really the case that things done with love are always those that make the difference. Believe me if I tell you that in everything she does she always puts her personal touch and if it's not good, well... she takes everything apart and starts from scratch. [...]

    F + A, 31 December 2017

  • Brilliant and special

    Thanks to Mary, our winter wedding was truly unique. It was enough to see her works so meticulous and rich in details to make us fall in love with her.
    We wanted an enchanted atmosphere and Mary was able to turn our wishes into reality! A true artist of emotions. Every single detail spoke of us.
    Our friends and relatives were speechless, and they felt pampered by the thousand details that surrounded them. [...]

    M + A, 1 December 2017

  • Professional and passionate

    Clean, professional but, above all, passionate and exciting service!
    Mary, founder of the company, really puts her heart into it and manages to pull out from the people in front of her their desires. Then, with innovation and proactivity, develops them to the best creating amazing scenarios.
    From the centerpieces, to the wedding rings, the setting up of the location, the development of the tableau (impossible to compare), the menus and, last but not least, the uniqueness and customization of the theme. [...]

    G + A, 23 September 2017

  • She grasped our essence

    Knowing Mary was an experience...
    We came to her with confused ideas, but in an instant she immediately grasped our essence... She managed to translate perfectly what we are, giving us a set-up that tell of us...
    Besides being a good professional, she was a friend who was able to support me and pamper me at all times without ever being intrusive... For this we thank you so much!

    A + A, 16 September 2017

  • An unmatched artist

    Every marrying couple must absolutely rely on Mary.
    We were literally enchanted by the photos of the location, the amazing ones set by Mary... no doubt she absolutely had to be "ours".
    Really manages to turn the best day of your life into a dream. Everithing was more than fantastic, starting from the invitations, cared for in every meticulous detail. Spectacular set up. The tableau is not the usual insignificant thing seen over and over again, but it is a true tale that manages to put your love story into art. [...]

    C + A, 16 September 2017

  • A professional and a friend

    More than a supplier, Mary was a friend to us. Her contribution was decisive from all points of view: from the definition of the theme, to its declination in the various elements: invitations, menus, table card and placeholders, tableau, wedding rings; from the floral arrangement (made with flowers of excellent quality) to the set up, both in the villa hall and for the civil ceremony. [...]

    M + V, 9 September 2017

  • An astonishing set-up

    Entrusting someone with the task of materializing your emotions, passions and dreams is not easy, but when you find who does creatively and lovingly all this, you can only live your special day surrounded by a magnificent setting that can amaze, excite and enchant all the guests and leave the spouses themselves speechless!
    A year of intense but beautiful work, thanks Mary!

    I + D, 2 September 2017

  • A professional out of the ordinary

    We met La Sposa degli Alberi thanks our Wedding Planner. We needed a quote and an idea about the invitations, but right from the first meeting we immediately got into harmony because, through her proposals and ideas, she immediately showed to be a professional out of the ordinary.
    Apart from the originality, taste and delicacy of her creations, the thing that convinced us to follow her was her passion and deep sensitivity and humanity. [...]

    E + A, 15 July 2017

  • Amazing

    How can I not recommend a person like Mary? My wife and I experienced the most beautiful moment of our lives, created by an amazing person! Not to mention relatives and friends who have been entranced by her work. Ours was a unique marriage and for this reason we chose her, thank you.

    B + E, 9 July 2017

  • Special, to say the least

    Mary is special, to say the least! She accompanied us choosing all the decorations, following our preferences patiently and listening to our story so that everything was personalized. She kept all the promises, overcoming every expectation in the final result.
    Thanks for everything!!!

    N + G, 2 July 2017

  • Professional and perfectionist

    Splendid, original and elegant wedding thanks to Mary's arrangements. The perfection with which she works and follows you in all the phases of preparation deserve a praise. Uniqueness and innovation characterize her way of working. Then she is an amazing person, she always give you the wedding of your dreams!

    M + F, 30 June 2017

  • Wonderful settings

    La Sposa degli Alberi accompanied us, with professionalism and sweetness, in the tiring (but exciting!) months that anticipate the big day! She knew us, listened to and patiently advised us, turning ideas into marvelous settings tailored for us.
    Thanks to her everything, from the ritual scenography to the tableau, from the invitations to the setting of the table and the hall, spoke of us and made "that" day "our" day.

    A + S, 29 June 2017

  • Creative, patient, kind and a unique professional

    One day we decided to go and see an event in the venue chosen for our wedding and we were enchanted by the settings and the details, never seen so original in any wedding, so I immediately ask who was the author of those marvels, so I was presented with Mary.
    From now on we hadn't any doubts: our wedding designer would have been her! A very sweet and dreamy girl just like us. [...]

    A + M, 24 June 2017

  • A true artist

    We met Mary shortly before the wedding and she immediately proved to be available and competent.
    Following our requests, she was able to guide us by suggesting precious details for the scenario of our marriage.
    Attention to detail, the sensitivity, the dreamer's soul and creativity, make Mary a true artist: she does not offer ready-made productions, but manages to identify in the couple the inspiration that will be the common thread to her creations. [...]

    G + L, 17 June 2017

  • Helpful and competent

    When my wife and I started the preparations for our wedding and started the first contacts with potential suppliers for invitations and setting up the venue, we had little hope of being able to give a really personal and unique touch to our day... everything seemed banal, already seen and incredibly obvious.
    Then one day, by chance, we contacted Mary and everything took the right direction. An afternoon chatting friendly, sharing enthusiasm for the theme, was enough to give form and color to everything. [...]

    I + G, 3 June 2017

  • She made our day unforgettable

    Very good! We got married on May 27th 2017 and we met Mary a few months before, she is an amazing and very good girl. She immediately understood those that for us were just ideas to which she was able to give a soul.
    She made our day unforgettable. She took care of everything personally, every tiny detail. She is not a wedding planner, but a creator of dreams, sets, atmospheres, simply fantastic. We will never stop thanking her for how she was close to us and accompanied us on our journey.

    C + M, 27 May 2017

  • Mary is a world

    Mary is a world, a world of ideas and answers to everything you want for your wedding day! She has the ability to interpret exactly what is on your mind, as if she has known you for years.
    This is the feeling we had from the first moment we met her, from the beginning she was able to understand our personalities and this was the basis of her magnificent work.
    In addition to demonstrating infinite technical skills, Mary showed us a unique patience, attention and helpfulness! [...]

    C + D, 1 October 2016

  • A gifted girl

    Life is made up of meetings, some of which have the power to change it... For us it went like this! My husband and I met Mary, La Sposa degli Alberi, by chance and it was love at first sight! From the first meeting, a few words were enough, and she really managed to bring us into her enchanted world, where every problem has a solution, every idea has a form, every dream has a realization. [...]

    F + A, 11 September 2016

  • Attentive and helpful

    When we turned to La Sposa degli Alberi we still hadn't clear ideas, but we were sure of one thing: we wanted every little aspect of our marriage to represent us, and so it was! In Mary we found an attentive and helpful person, she knew how to listen to us and read our hearts, catching what was important for us and translating it into an artistic form. [...]

    G + A, 11 September 2016

  • She is absolutely essential to make the day of your wedding day PERFECT

    Mary is something unique. You bring an idea, she creates a dream. And the rain doesn't stop her either! In her small / large laboratory she begins to create the impossible already at the first meeting and, as Mary Poppins, she pulls out of the "suitcase" a thousand ideas and billions of incredible objects and objects.
    Simply superlative, she is absolutely essential to make the day of your wedding day PERFECT.
    Thanks again Mary. L. and N., dreams have found a home!

    N + L, 5 September 2016

  • Our icing on the cake

    La Sposa degli Alberi. Known by chance and luckily, she made our Wedding unique.
    Midnight in Paris. A theme that represented and told our story, our love, our complicity.
    You, our dear Mary, succeed in a splendid way to make concrete our inspirations. Kind, patient, brilliant, wonderful. In the many months of preparation, I discovered an artist, a dreamer, but above all a friend.
    She was our icing on the cake!

    M + S, 29 August 2016

  • She enters on tiptoe and creates your dream

    The meeting with Mary was precious! She is able to read you inside: she welcomes you, listens to you and then creates, together with you! She enters your dream on tiptoe and makes space with innovative, creative and surprising ideas, always being careful respecting and valueing your desires. Through her, your story "comes to life" and is told to the guests with extreme intensity and beauty. [...]

    E + E, 27 August 2016

  • Absolutely perfect

    The relationship with Mary was immediately special; she was a true professional organizing our most beautiful day: she was precise in time, full of ideas that are not obvious and she did everything to put us at ease, totally involving us in the choice, listening to every single doubt and evaluating our every opinion. Needless to say, the end result was absolutely perfect, just as we imagined... and, believe us, we were a very pretentious couple! [...]

    F + G, 16 July 2016

  • I would choose you another 100 times!

    Meeting Mary was by chance but it seemed like finding an old friend. Since our first meeting she perfectly succeeded in interpreting our personalities, tastes and expectations.
    Her presence and her unexceptionable work made our year of preparations a walk and it is thanks to her if we have both managed to arrive so serene on the wedding day: we knew it was all in excellent hands. Her distinctive notes are patience, friendliness, flexibility. [...]

    C + D, 1 July 2016

  • Impeccable

    If you want to make your wedding unique and personalized, I suggest you to contact Mary! Thanks to her, ours marriage reflected our tastes and personalities. Everything was impeccable from the invitations to the table setup!

    E + A, 24 giugno 2016

  • The salvation of my marriage

    I contacted Mary at the beginning of January, it was a journey not so long but full of emotion and friendship. Her passion for work is endless, her talent is unique! Everything she does succeeds. Together we created a unique, enviable, wonderful work in every detail. We left nothing to chance! A friend who is always ready to solve problems, meeting all needs!
    I am happy to have met you, you have been the salvation of my marriage!

    C + V, 18 June 2016

  • A unique talent

    Mary is an artist, a creative genius, a friend who is always present, a professional woman, punctual, helpful. Mary succeeded in giving shape to our imagination and to those desires that we did not even think we had. Better there is none. But she went beyond her work, she was close to me in moments of nervousness and sadness, in particular moments of our life beyond marriage. A true friend!

    C + L, 17 June 2016

  • An Artist with a capital A

    If you want to make your big day special and unique, there is no better person than Mary... La Sposa degli Alberi. I had a great experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all of you, future brides. You will be dealing with an Artist with a capital A, a person who loves everything she does. You will be "captured" by her energy, her original ideas, her real desire to make you happy and satisfy you on your wedding day. [...]

    M + M, 11 June 2016

  • The right choice to realize the dream of every couple

    La Sposa degli Alberi is the right choice to realize the dream of every couple in a familiar and very competent environment. We could not have our wedding so perfect because of her professionalism and at the same time the love put into all her creations.
    Thank you so much!

    C + A, 30 April 2016

  • An incredible staff

    We are not the kind of people who write reviews.
    But with Mary and La Sposa degli Alberi I had to do an exception.
    This will probably the review I will take most pleasure in writing. And that is because not only did Mary make all our wishes come true. She literally designed our dream wedding and we felt so blessed to have her doing that.
    When planning your wedding, there are so many people you need to talk to, plan with, discuss, challenge – but most importantly TRUST. [...]

    A + O, 5 September 2015

  • You can see her passion to realize others' dreams

    A year ago, to be precise, September 2014, my partner and I decided to get married. A rather complicated decision since everything I had dreamed of since I was a child for my marriage had been destroyed with the death of my father two years earlier. The decisions, therefore, were difficult, the choices complicated, I did not have the slightest idea how I wanted this marriage, "my marriage", although my partner gave me carte blanche on everything, I could not see it, nor the dress nor the theme of the ceremony, nothing, until I met her... La Sposa degli Alberi. [...]

    S + E, 22 August 2015

  • Original, reliable and trustworthy

    Mary is very professional, able to understand our needs and find a tailor-made solution that has never been made before. In her work she was extremely original, reliable and trustworthy. In the end a friendship was created between us.
    Thanks also to her our marriage was unforgettable.

    S + G, 8 agosto 2015

  • Nothing was left to chance

    Nothing happens by chance. It was a meeting wanted by destiny.
    The venue we chose, in her hands, become a magical place. I was enchanted watching her creations online and when we met her it was love at first sight! Mary is a mix of originality, good taste, friendliness, dedication and a nice dose of perfectionism! A feeling was born immediately and slowly over the long year of distance preparation (I live in Germany!) I never felt alone. At my request or doubt, an avalanche of advice and research has always followed. And endless brainstorming on WhatsApp! [...]

    G + P, 20 June 2015

  • The laboratory of ideas

    I got to know La Sposa degli Alberi after browsing hundreds of websites, between blogs and images, and I was struck by the originality of her creations, beautiful and delicate, never tacky.
    My husband-to-be and I had some very personal ideas and we didn't know what value could be added from a professional... Instead, Mary in her laboratory welcomed us [...]

    F + A, 7 September 2014

  • Auteur wedding

    There are moments in life that must be celebrated and made unforgettable... marriage is one of these and to succeed in the best way we must rely on the experience and professionalism of people like Mary, aka La Sposa degli Alberi.
    From the first moment we entered her artistic laboratory, a real enchanted station where trains full of fantasy and sweetness pass, we had the feeling of being in a parallel world, where it is possible to embody the idea that everyone has of their own marriage. [...]

    M + D, 5 September 2014

  • My guardian angel

    ... so finally, after weeks of talks, hours on the internet, wedding exhibitions and the so on, I discover La Sposa degli Alberi.
    The term "I discover" is not thrown there by chance, it was really a DISCOVERY. And, after my wedding day, I must add that it was a wonderful DISCOVERY. Not so much for the product offer, which remains (also in terms of very high quality / low price) the best probed up to that day, but for her being REASSURING. [...]

    V + G, 18 July 2014

  • Mary created a fairy tale

    Do you know when you want something strongly but you don't know where to start to make it? When you want everything to be perfect on a perfect day... Mary Tricarico created a fairy tale. She listened carefully to what I was looking for, even the most bizarre ideas, she enclosed them in her creative world, she elaborated them, she put them on paper and she realized with a refined elegance a corner of paradise that enchanted everyone. [...]

    E + S, 14 June 2014

  • Simply magical

    There are no words to describe Mary's professionalism and sensitivity. Just enter her laboratory. Lights, colors, scents. Everything mixes perfectly, giving the feeling of being in a magical place. We wanted our marriage to be sought after and rich in detail, but to be honest, Mary surprised us. Because what she made was truly unique. [...]

    M + D, 14 June 2014

  • Where time stands still

    Entering Mary's laboratory is an almost magical experience, it seems to give life to a fairy tale. The first time we entered we were an hour late, disheveled hair, the faces marked by the many commitments of the day and many ruffled ideas difficult to translate concretely. Mary welcomed us gently, offered us coffee, listened to us and together we built our project. [...]

    A + S, 7 June 2014

  • Very rare

    My first virtual meeting with Mary happened by chance, searching the internet for the words "trees" and "bride". I remember the afternoon I came across on his site and the immediate curiosity that aroused her work in me. Just scroll through the images and read the blog to understand that you are facing something special. The uniqueness of Mary's work emerged clearly on our first date. A reassuring smile that introduces you to a welcoming atelier, with attention to the smallest details. [...]

    S + S, 13 July 2013

  • Professional, ingenious and imaginative

    When we decided to get married, the dream of a lifetime, our common desire was to involve all the people we love in a marriage that was absolutely "our", unique. A marriage that spoke of us, of our story, of our love. It seemed impossible to be able to realize all our ideas, yet you, Mary, did it. [...]

    B + T, 6 July 2013

  • Dreams are desires that become reality

    "Details make the difference".
    We have always wanted our wedding to be different from any other and La Sposa degli Alberi succeeded in fulfilling our wish perfectly, taking care of every detail to perfection.
    The perfect harmony allowed us to express our ideas and allowed her to realize them and exalt them with her art.
    The memory of the days spent together will remain forever in our hearts as well as the joy that sparkled from her eyes on our wedding day. A hug.

    B + R, 29 June 2013

  • Our fairytale

    Thanks to the internet we discovered with astonishment a special person: precision, delicacy and passion are the characteristics of Mary. A girl who through her hands and her creativity creates splendid masterpieces and above all transforms desires into reality. Thank you for this wonderful experience and for helping us to realize THE WEDDING OF OUR DREAMS.

    G + E, 14 June 2013

  • Love at first sight

    The confusion envelops you... you wait, full of emotion, the most important day of your life.
    The agenda is full of appointments: the flowers, the dress, the favors... and so we chance upon her... "La Sposa degli Alberi" (meaninig The Bride of the Trees). [...]

    M + D, 25 August 2012

  • Every detail in its place

    The post dedicated to us on your website makes me relive the magic of our meeting and the wonderful collaboration that then brought my marriage to be really beautiful especially in the details. Your imagination, your care and your professionalism made everything perfect. The guests still compliment me on the set up and on the favors. My dear friend THANK YOU !!!

    F + L, 7 September 2012

  • A lucky meeting

    Very few times in life does an idea actually take shape just as you imagined it and even less often does its actualization exceed what you had initially imagined but we can honestly say that in our case this actually happened.
    My future-to-be husband and I wanted our wedding to be special, just ours and for this reason we wanted to connect it in some way to our great love for travelling. [...]

    T + G, 16 June 2012

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